Seen & Heard: Genre Shaming

on December 4, 2014 Anna Leave a reply

Have you ever noticed no one reads romance novels?  It’s always, “Oh, I don’t read those books,” or “Those books are trashy,” and “They’re nothing but sex.”

No one reads them, and yet the romance novel industry is, according to Romance Writers of America, a 1.43 million dollar a year industry. Someone, somewhere, is reading those trashy, sexy books. They may be doing it in their closets or under their beds, but they’re doing it.

Either that, or one shameless woman spends 1.43 annually to feed her insatiable addiction for romance.

You do the math.

Elyse, of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books fame has a few choice words about genre shaming. Do not question Elyse’s taste in books – she will hurt you, as well she should.

In Defense of Romance Novels, or Imma Read What I Want


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